Feedback Rating Post Training


feedback graph f

Some feedback from the participants


“This is first program in last 3 years which will help me in improving my key account handling.” – Ganesh. A. S. (Woox Innovations)

“This program will significantly improve my managing & interaction skills with trade partners as well as other team members.” – Vishal Chopra (Woox Innovations)

This will help change the prospective of selling existing range in altogether new light. – Rajesh Gulati (Raheja Developers)

It will enhance my selling skills and improved negotiations . – Ramesh Tomar (Raheja Developers)

The skills and the tips given during training will be used in my sales pitch & all related aspects for maximum results . – Nisha Kumari (The Hindu)

The program helped rediscover the sales professional in me. Objection handling techniques and Transactional Analysis (P, A, C) model were excellent. – R Srinivasan (The Hindu)